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Eight years ago — when Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman — corporate America was silent. Today, companies, nonprofits, and even schools — who long sat in the comfort of complacency — have been forced to take a stance on racial justice. Most have realized the only stance that guarantees continuity in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, globalized world is one of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This recognition, however, comes with the responsibility of comprehensive and continuous action. And unfortunately, most organizations don’t know where to start.

Many organizations have stumbled through attempts at an anti-racist transformation. In part, because they…


We too are angry. We too are hurting. We too are tired.

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For a large part of the weekend #MeanwhileInCanada was the number one trending topic on Twitter for Canadians. The tweets were largely comparisons of news coverage between escalating protests in the United States, following the murder of George Floyd, and lackadaisical Canadian headlines. This juxtaposition would be tone-deaf on any day, this weekend it was particularly infuriating.

While some Canadians were tweeting inconceivably ignorant comparisons, others marched the streets of Toronto demanding justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet.

Korchinski-Paquet, a 29-year old black woman, died after falling from her 24th-floor apartment during an altercation with Toronto Police last week.


No one was prepared for a pandemic, but charities weren’t set up for any crisis, of any magnitude — here’s why

Person holding a hand full of pennies
Person holding a hand full of pennies
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To say I’ve lost count would be disingenuous— I never started counting. I knew after the first wave that the flood gates had opened. I suppose I could ballpark hundreds; hundreds of friends who have lost their jobs in the charitable sector amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They are a portion of losses felt across the country in every industry yet, they are unique. They are unique partially because of the work they did — work that is needed now more than ever. And partially because many may still have jobs — if they didn’t work for a charity. …


Hard work, Self-care, Growth, Empathy, Action

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Authour note: The NBA pre-season starts tomorrow. Some have likened the quick re-start to a distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the continued fight for racial justice. But for me, and many other young Black men, the distraction is welcome. Basketball is a sport that provides solace in a society determined to strip us of our lives. It is particularly important in a year strife with Black pain and loss. In 2020, we lost heroes, felt the pain of injustice, and continue to deal with a virus that disproportionally impacts the health and livelihoods of our communities. We need this.


The standards are higher now

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I recently wrote Do Companies Care More About Black Lives or Their Bottom Line? Reflecting on the prevalence of corporate allyship, in what appears to be a turning point for the fight against anti-Black racism. One of the key components I identified was the need for employers’ external actions to be reflected in their internal support of Black employees. Starbucks clearly didn’t get the memo — they did send one though.

What happened?

Responding to a request from store managers and employees to wear pins and t-shirts in support of Black Lives Matter; Starbucks sent a memo to its 250,000 member workforce…


Consider these six questions

Definition: Lip Service

Insincere expression of friendship, admiration, support, etc.; service by words only: Companies are paying lip service to Black communities.

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On the evening of February 26th, 2012, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin went to his neighbourhood corner store to buy snacks — fuel for a late-night video game binge. He bought a pack of Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea. On his way home he was stalked, shot, and killed by a neighbourhood watchman— George Zimmerman. …


Why cities should invest in affordable housing now

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“Office centricity is over”

Tobi Lutke, the CEO of Shopify, tweeted those words on May 21st, announcing that Shopify’s more than 4000 employees would transition to primarily remote working.

Shopify, Canada’s most valuable company, follows the steps of tech giants like Twitter and Google who too have announced that they will not re-open their offices — some until at least 2021, others not at all.

As more companies follow suit, this inconceivably fast shift from — work from home for now, to — work from home forever, will have monumental impacts on everything from our climate to our communities. …


Tips for effective email communication in the modern work environment

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I wrote this piece a year ago but did not publish it. It was written as an exploration of effective communication methods in an ever-changing digital landscape. I questioned its relevance at the time – I questioned how many organizations were implementing new digital communication tools, how many were stuck solely on email, and how many were intentionally investing in face-to-face interactions. It appears the coronavirus answered my questions. Transforming the way we communicate at work is no longer a choice, it’s a requirement — a forced innovation.

As we collectively undergo this transformation, it is important to understand how…


Employers should establish fair, merit-based compensation, for all service workers

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I walked down the bakery aisle with a singular focus — stifling my frustration with a rush of carbs and sugar. I don’t remember what I picked up, likely a pre-baked pie — a staple on a tough day. I stood in the cue, impatiently tapping my foot as the woman in front of me leisurely loaded her groceries onto the conveyor belt. By the time I reached the cashier, I wore the frustration of my day like a face tattoo.

I looked up, prepared to dismissively answer whatever question about points or deals she was trained to prompt me…

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Consultant| Facilitator | Fundraiser. I write about people, culture, and organizations.

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